Major PiloteBook P/A Development

Excel Advantage          

This product runs on Windows® 7, Vista, or XP, and requires MS Excel 2000, or later.  Visual Basic application control for smooth operation. Easily installed and uninstalled through Windows®.

Data Integrity
Excel offers superior data integrity for your application. This includes safe storing and retrieving your data, and better methods of processing your data. Advantage: Your data is safer with this proven program.

Editing Capabilities
Auto-complete, Auto-correct, and Pick from List are three great features designed to reduce workload, improve grammar, and reduce spelling errors. Any keying errors are color highlightedAdvantage: Quick data entry and less work.

No matter what area of your logbook you are working in, you get the same look and feel when entering your records. Advantage: Easier to learn, easier to use, less mistakes.

Excel is one of Microsoft's staple applications, universally accepted and available for any Windows® operating system. The program will run with Excel version 9 (from Office 2000), or later. It may be used for many other applications as well as this one. If you don't already have it, it is readily available. Advantage: Solid platform, readily available.

Clean, Clear Log Pages & Charts
You will enjoy clear, full color log pages and chart presentations. Full screen processing: no more squinting through a dozen little gray windows, to get something done. Advantage: A custom product you enjoy using.

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